Do you desire a house that stands out amidst the horde of modern houses?
Are you tired of looking at the blank walls because you don’t want to clutter it with clunky accessories?
Are you frustrated with the gaps in your flooring?
Moreover when you tilt your head up in frustration, you spot that crack in the ceiling?


APAART brings you the new age concepts of surface designs with a hint of classy and contemporary touch so that your home never loses the snug feel that it always entitles to.

Our solutions are so personalized that we heighten a human being's basic senses, the sense of sight and touch.

Luxury wall finish

SuperSurfaces employs Italian Venetian plaster finishes and decorative paints to create enchanting, bespoke designs.
  • Custom design
  • In-house application
  • Global collection


Concrete cladding solutions that are sophisticated and sustainable. Innovative mineral formulae, aggregate sizes, and textures that enable us to create
aesthetically superior finishes that are unparalleled in the industry.

cultured bricks

High quality, reliable and customized bricks according to your requirements.

Used by World class renowned Construction companies like:
"DLF Building India, L&T, Sharda University, Sheth Developers, Ahluwalia Contract,
Emaar(MGF), Amrapali Group, Pearls Group" and many more.
  • Face Bricks
  • Hand Made Bricks
  • Roof Tiles
  • Brick Slips
  • Wall Claddings
  • Texture Bricks
  • Floor Tiles and Pavers

Acrylic Solid Surface

Pick any of the shades, textures, shapes and styles or get them customized to add
warmth, appeal and luxury to your kitchen.
  • Kitchen Table Top
  • Kitchen Shutters
  • Drawers
  • Kitchen Sink
  • Utensil Stand
  • Vanities
  • Basin
  • Sink
  • Cabinet and Window Sills

High Quality Wooden Flooring

Our flooring solutions are designed to bring warmth and elegance to any
room, ensuring durability and comfort underfoot.


Best Stretch Ceilings, Wall Graphics and Fabric Light Box in India, with supply and apply support.
  • Stretch Ceilings
  • Printed Ceilings
  • Galaxy Ceilings
  • Fibre Optic Sky Ceilings
  • Fabric Light Boxes
  • 3D Forms
  • 3D Wall Graphics

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